Medical Issues with Cloudy or Strong Smelling Urine

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Experiencing strong, foul smelling urine can be a very worrying experience, and can have a variety of different causes. Fortunately however most of the causes are not that dangerous to your health, and can be treated easily and quickly. In fact a lot of the time this kind of urine is caused by something completely benign and not anything harmful at all. However it is always best to try to determine the cause just in case.

Cloudy urine is usually experienced early in the morning, with the first urination of the day. The reason for this is that the chemicals in the urine are more concentrated after the body not having taken on any more fluids through the night. After this the extra things that we drink through the day make the urine more dilute, and symptoms such as cloudy urine are less easy to see.

The most common cause of the strong smelling urine is simply caused by excess phosphate crystals that have built up in the bladder. The main source of these is often from drinking milk, although all dairy products contain these in some quantities. Having a large meal or glass of milk before you go to bed will often produce a clouded appearance to your urine the next day, however throughout the day this will usually lessen as you take on more fluids to dilute the crystals.

Certain allergic reactions to foods or drinks will often produce urinary symptoms, although these often display other more apparent symptoms as well. Similarly foods containing certain dyes and chemicals can also alter the appearance of the urine temporarily. These only usually last for the next day however, presuming that you don’t consume the same foods again the next day. If the symptoms last more than a few days, then a doctor should be consulted to ensure infection is not the cause.

If the urine remains cloudy throughout the day, then an infection could be the reason for the clouded appearance rather than from anything you might have eaten. In these cases the clouded urine usually has an unusual color as well, and might also be accompanied by pain when urinating. This is often the case when a urinary tract infection is present, although usually this is also very painful and the burning pain will be a more noticeable symptom than the fact that the urine is cloudy.

The cloudiness in the urine in cases of urinary tract infections is actually caused by bacteria and antibodies as the body tries to fight the infection by itself. Often these kinds of infections can be treated easily with a quick trip to the doctor and a course of antibiotics. Another noticeable symptom of these infections is that the urine has a distinctly acidic smell, and seems to be of a thicker consistency than normal.

The range of colors that can be found in urine is often a lot larger than most people would assume, and usually the reasons for the changes are due to diet and medication. If the urine simply has a very dark orange or yellow tinge to it, then this is usually a sign of dehydration. In this case simply drinking more water and less of other things such as alcohol or fizzy soft drinks is the best course of action to take. Although dark urine might not seem like much of a problem by itself, dehydration can cause a large variety of different health problems, particularly over the long term.

Blood being passed into the urine is another fairly common thing to encounter at some point, and although this is obviously worrying, the cause usually isn’t serious. There are quite a few different medications that can cause blood to be passed into the urine, particularly in women, so any medications you are taking should be checked first. Secondly certain allergic reactions to food can also cause this reaction as well.

Victims of trauma such as car crashes can also frequently expect to experience changes to the color and appearance of their urine. This is often simply part of the healing process and will clear up by itself after the body has healed itself. If these symptoms continue after the rest of the injuries are healed however, and there is no other obvious cause, then a doctor should always be consulted immediately.

One of the largest causes of blood being passed into the urine is from kidney or gallbladder stones being present. In these cases there is usually extreme pain in the lower back region around the kidneys however, and this should be a better indicator of the stones than the state of the urine anyway.

Sometimes kidney or gallbladder stones can be passed naturally, and can be reduced with changes to diet and water intake. In some cases surgery or other treatments are required, however this is rare if the condition is caught early enough and the stones are still small. In the case of stones, the urine is often reduced in amount and frequency as well, and may be painful to pass, as well as being discolored.

Usually if the urine appears to be cloudy or to have a strong odor, and it is a solitary event, then it is nothing to worry about. Changes in the diet can usually explain these changes, and the effects fade away after a couple of days at the most. Most infections tend to also have other symptoms present with them, such as some kind of disruption to your usual urinary pattern as well as pain.

A good example of this is that if you were to drink a lot of coffee on a particular day, then the next day your urine might be a much darker color and have a much stronger odor. Of course so long as you return to your normal diet afterwards, then the odor and color will return to normal. People who drink tea of coffee every day in large quantities will often notice that their urine is foul smelling every day, although this isn’t a medical issue in itself.

Is Vitiligo a Curable Disease?

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white patchesThe question comes in mind if Vitiligo is curable? Currently the answer to this question is ‘No’. Vitiligo comes up from various factors (hereditary and ecological) interacting in unidentified manners. A deep research is still required to completely understand the aspects involved. A thorough study is needed to generate the ways to cure this disease.

How to Cover Vitiligo

Vitiligo or leukoderma is a skin disease that causes loss of pigment resulting in irregular pale patches of skin. It occurs when melanocytes  skin cells , that are responsible for skin pigmentation die or do not performed their actual  function. How to Cover Vitiligo is a big question for its patients. Vitiligo is  caused by  a  combination of auto-Immune, genetic and environmental factors.

Kalawalla Vitiligo Dietary Supplement

Kalawalla is an herbal supplement derived from Polypodium leucotomos plant (a traditional herb which has been used because of its medicinal and healing properties). It is also known as Heliocare, Rapuani and Polypodiaceae.

Most of the people use Kalawalla for the alleviation of autoimmune disorders. Organic Hope is so sure about the efficacy of Kalawalla that they offer money back guarantee. Some people also claim that when combined with uvb therapy it gives enhanced results.

Organic Hope claims that Kalawalla directly works on the improvement of the immune system so along with vitiligo it helps in treating other autoimmune diseases as well.

It comes in a white plastic bottle like any other medicine. This bottle is handy and can be carried along in a hand bag. Its capsule form makes it easy to use.

The Drug Industries Answer To Itchy Skin

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Some Of the most incredible medications are available – thanks to the innovation and research work of modern-day drug companies. However, when it comes to the issue of eczema, it appears that drug companies have taken a backseat to further developments. Whilst the itchy skin rash is a worldwide problem affecting millions of people, for some reason – drug companies have almost given up on the research and development of new, more innovative products.

There are a number of reasons why this may have happened. Firstly, the current medications on the market are seen to be particularly effective against severe episodes of eczema. Secondly, the margin of return to pharmaceutical companies on such products is lackluster compared to that of other areas of medication.

Combined, this all results in a particularly unattractive market to continue serving.

What We Currently Have

For now then, it seems that the only options for chemically produced products are those which have been available for a number of years already. These treatments of itchy skin but no rash or with rash are usually referred to as hydrocortisone steroids. Basically, this is a topical cream which is applied to the area of skin where the itchiness is occurring. After five or 10 minutes, the area which was irritated should now be feeling like normal.

The way in which hydrocortisone steroids work is far beyond the scope of this article. However, what we will say is that the action of such a drug can result in a number of serious, long-term side effects. Just as steroids have a lasting effect on the human body when they are consumed, the same effect can be replicated when a cream containing steroids is applied to the skin. This is because the absorption rate of steroids is particularly rapid.

As for the whether or not these products are successful, the jury still seems to be out. Some users report that the hydrocortisone creams are amazing, whilst others report that they do very little to improve their overall condition. If you have used a hydrocortisone cream in the past to help you with itchy skin, you will know whether or not it worked. Sadly, it would appear that this is all we can write about these products. Other than a few published facts, any other information that could be helpful in determining whether or not they are useful in the long run, is being kept a secret by the drug giants.

Blue Waffle : Precisely What Do We Know With Regard To This Infection

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We will easily state that the Blue Waffle disease is really a whole mystery for numerous men and women for the reason that while you are able to read about it on the web we still don’t understand or know whether it is genuine or otherwise not. Based on numerous sources the whole affair is just a lie that gone virus-like. The photo of the particular blue waffles is often observed across the world wide web and it causes persons to be concerned concerning this unique illness. The illness does not possess any healthcare expression for being known for, and you will discover in fact really little information and facts on professional medical sites and forums. So within the next few lines we’re going to discuss more about our information.

Blue Waffle Illness Indicators

Based on various sources the blue waffle is actually a mistreated case of vaginitis. The particular warning signs of blue waffle seem to be redness of the vagina, itching, plus the vaginal discharge stinks definitely unhealthy and changes within the color of the vaginal area start to appear. Most regularly this shade varies from blue to purple and this is the reason why it’s called ‘blue’.

The blue waffle signs is often very similar to the signs of various additional sexually transmitted diseases. However, there’s one particular thing, and that is the color adjustments of the vagina. Destroyed immune system and many infections are reasons behind vaginitis in order that they may perhaps be the factors behind blue waffle illness, way too. Having a damaged disease fighting capability it truly is rather straightforward to get any infection, such as vaginitis.

Visiting your medical doctor is incredibly essential when you have any questions that you possess the blue waffles illness. This may protect you from lots of complications, since you will get the proper diagnosis and also the appropriate treatment method. It really is also critical to act at the earliest opportunity, simply because it may result in alternative well being issues. It can be also not suggested to take some drugs all on your own for the reason that a incorrect treatment method may cause severe health difficulties.


When Should The Bride-To-Be Book Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

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When it’s the big day for the bride, she wants her skin to feel silky smooth, and look gorgeous.  One thing she has to consider is getting that unwanted ingrown hair removed.  So when should the bride-to-be book laser hair removal sessions?  There are several things that brides should know – even starting a few months before the wedding date to have the best success.

Most Successful Candidates

The first thing that brides need to know is which skin and hair type that works best when laser hair removal is the best choice.  For those brides with light skin and darker hair are the best candidates for this method of hair removal.  And one aspect that many brides won’t like a lot is that when the skin is tanned, lasers can cause discoloration, and darker skinned brides need to make sure when they make the appointment that the correct laser machine is used.  The laser light basically targets the darker pigment in the hair and destroys the melanin in the hair to remove the hair, which is why it can also cause discoloration in the skin.  The hair will fall out within 10 days to two weeks.

Starting the Treatments

Brides should realize that it takes up to six sessions to remove up to 80 percent of the hair growth, which must be spaced around four weeks apart.  This means brides should start these laser hair removal treatments up to six months prior to their wedding.   Once these are done, the rate of ingrown hair growth is generally significantly less and most laser technicians recommend maintenance treatments continue once every year.  These treatments are generally expensive, and generally start at $200 a session for a smaller area.

Preparations and Pain Factor

Many brides are very concerned about the pain of getting the laser treatment done and wondering how much it will hurt.  Most people state that the pulse of the light feels like a rubber band hitting the skin, and some areas of the body are slightly more sensitive to the stinging than others.  Most recommend that if aspirin or ibuprofen are taken an hour before the treatment begins to minimize the pain.

In general, most technicians recommend shaving the area three to four days prior to the treatment because there has to be some growth in order for the treatment to work effectively.  Never shave the area on the day of the treatment.

Read more home remedies on how to get rid of ingrown pubic hairs. (source 1)


Since the hair follicle is killed during the laser treatment there is no concern for in-grown hair.  The hair will generally fall out about 10 days after the treatment.  Therefore, brides need to look at their calendars and also make notes of how soon the hair falls out from the treatments that were done over the previous six months and make sure the last treatment prior to the wedding is ten to 14 days before the big day.

Success with Smooth Skin

As the brides are planning everything for months before the wedding, they often ask “When should the bride-to-be book laser hair removal sessions?”  The answer is they should start about six months prior and make sure the last treatment is about 10 days before the wedding.

Back Muscle Spasms

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Back pain sometimes merges from muscle spasms. Spasms largely start when one or the other nerve or muscle fibers can not act with the other fiber. What happens is that the reactions take involuntary muscles, such as atypical tightening of muscle. The action causes the muscles to restrain its contractions. If contractions Reserved for muscle fibers, nerves, etc., contained also a consequence of the lack of contractions can cause excessive weakness and / or paralysis. If the muscles and nerve fibers are not attached properly to perform the action, ie, muscle fibers are not obtaining adequate contractions, or the creation contractions of the muscles are too, consequently the result causes back pain.

Muscle spasms in back increase as the threats potential is evident to the muscles. Because sensory nerves are not providing the nerve fibers in the muscles, the sustenance it needs to contract properly. The problem can lead to damage of the muscles because muscle, which lacks the power extends, therefore contractors concerning fibers. Sensory nerves failing to send signals to muscles and other areas requiring the support of the sensory nerves, causing back pain. Such action may cause spasms and nervous tension, joint misalignment, and sprains. Muscle spasms may begin when the muscles are fatigue, or when a person exercises heavily. When the body is dehydrated, it can also cause muscle spasms. Moreover, pregnancy, putting much weight a person may give lead to muscle spasms. Hypothyroidism, deficiency of calcium and magnesium can cause cramping, so. The body has hormones which promote growth and production of metabolism, that if these hormones do not work enough to produce and reproduce the fluids of the muscles required, may affect the metabolism, in turn causes muscle spasms. Excessive consumption, kidney failure, and in particular drugs can cause muscle spasms.

Tip: You can perform chest stretches, groin, thigh, hip, thigh, and triceps extends to minimizing potential muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are often more defined, since similar cramps occur stress and pain and muscle spasms. The problem lies between the muscles and nerve fibers, muscles, joints, sensory and motor nerves, motor neurons, and so on. However, as noted above, the spasms started when the fibers, nerves, unit, etc., and not working properly. However, the problem moves down to the tendons and ligaments, that when these parts of the body are inflamed or damaged and left the area, may cause spasms muscle damage, in turn causes back pain. Keep in mind that muscle spasms are abnormal contractions of the muscles that can cause tremor, stitches, seizures, tremors, and extreme. Paroxysmal can cause explosions, seizures, etc, that sometimes when there are spasms, pain is not apparent. As mentioned, the ligaments and tendons can affect muscles and back pain and get started. Both ligaments and tendons are strong elements that connect the bones, joints and muscles with suspicion. The tendons and ligaments helps muscles by encouraging movement, bending, sitting, walking, standing, etc. However, the main sources of these actions coming from muscles systematically. The muscles that give strength, helping to exert pressure to enforce the motion of bones. These promoters locomotive after discontinuation may cause limited mobility, which in turn begins to damage the joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, etc. Since the muscles get a degree of strength of the spinal cord and pain occurs when systematic muscles are not functioning properly. Deficiency muscle affects muscle actions and asymmetric.

Hint: Continue to stretch the muscles with the proper exercises can eliminate or minimize back pain.

10 Effortless Ways to Cut Calories, Not Taste, from Breakfast

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By Lacy J. Hansen

Try as we might, there’s no way to escape the science of calories. Every calorie counts and unfortunately lots of our favorite foods have too many calories. But don’t fret, life doesn’t have to be lived eating flavorless celery and lettuce. There are lots of great ways to cut calories without feeling like you’re being deprived.

Here are 20 ways to reduce breakfast calories. We’ve actually tried these and can attest that you’ll get through the most important meal of the day with fewer calories, and best of all, you won’t sacrifice any flavor!

1. Replace honey with maple syrup
Just a little honey will go a long way. You can use much less honey than you would use in syrup and get more than enough sweetness.

2. Use egg whites
One egg has about 70 calories. If you ditch the yolk, you cut 50 of them. Granted, you’ll need more than one egg’s worth of whites for most dishes, you still get lots of protein and miss very little flavor in your morning scrambles or omelets.

3. Use olive or canola oil spray instead of butter
When using a skillet avoid the butter and grab these healthy sprays. A tablespoon of butter is about 100 calories, while most sprays list their trace amounts as 0 calories. The flavor is excellent and the oils are great sources of healthy fats.

4. Use cinnamon instead of sugar
Need to add flavor to oatmeal or cereal? Don’t reach for the sugar bowl; go to the spice rack and use cinnamon. It offers a warm flavor without adding any calories. Sugar is about 15 calories per teaspoon and those teaspoons add up quickly.

5. Use Greek yogurt instead of fatty cream cheese
Smear bagels with Greek yogurt and save a lot of calories and gain a ton of protein and flavor. While cream cheese is 50 calories per tablespoon, an entire 150 gram container of Greek yogurt is only 80 calories- and a little goes a long way. That much cream cheese would equal more than 400 calories!

6. Bulk up omelets with fresh vegetables
An omelet is already loaded with protein due to the eggs, so forget the high fat meats and cheese and load it with low-calorie, high-nutrient peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and even avocado. You’ll cut hundreds of calories and end up with a well balanced meal.

7. Use ice in smoothies instead of milk
After you’ve added your choice of fruit and possibly yogurt or protein powder, add some ice in the blender. The result is less calories and a very refreshing morning treat.

8. Use frozen fruit and water instead of milk in oatmeal
After using water to cook the oats, drop a few pieces of frozen fruit in the bowl and let them melt. A fruit like blueberries or strawberries seep into the whole bowl and give it a delicious flavor. It only takes a few berries, too. A half cup of whole milk is about 75 calories, while a half cup of berries is about 30. That’s a big difference for all the sweet flavor it adds.

9. Eat the fruit, don’t drink the juice
A piece a fruit will contain much more fiber than its juice, it is much more filling, and it’s much lower in calories. For example, a cup of orange juice is nearly 115 calories, and who just drinks a single cup? The actual orange is about 50 calories. It’s filling and satisfying all on its own.

10. Rethink your latte
Order a grande Americano with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and add a splash of fat free milk with half a Splenda. It tastes exactly like a vanilla latte but with about 100 less calories, and a cheaper price tag.

About eliminating throat phlegm naturally

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In place are several means on how to get phlegm out of your throat. One is probably well-known with that worrying feeling of being with mucus in the throat, which may make breathing very difficult. Phlegm/mucus within the throat is uncomfortable and results to bad breath otherwise other health troubles 1.

Phlegm is jelly thick like fluid dissimilar color as of throat cough. Though, mucus becomes part of the body’s natural resistant response that assists the body get rid of invaders. As mucus excreted out of the body through coughing otherwise sneezing, frequent attackers will as well be issued by it. The phlegm color, the original looks white. The yellow mucus comes out during the premature stages of illness or for when the condition becomes mild, as the body attempts to clear attackers. The yellow mucus noticed in the issue of infections of bacteria, the lower respiratory zone infection, the sinusitis, the cold, or the flu 2. The green cough phlegm is the symptom of a severe condition in several cases, as for pneumonia and tuberculosis and so on. However coughing phlegm up with blood shows that in place is severe overcrowding within the respiratory otherwise minor injure to sinus as well as cavity tissue of nasal, after that, the patient needs instant medical attention.

The throat phlegm cause

Phlegm caused by the diversity, like:-

  • Since allergy irritants, like dust, the pet dander, the chemical fumes and so on.
  • Severe illnesses, like pneumonia, the asthma, the acute failure of heart, otherwise pulmonary embolism may cause phlegm coughing for about 3 weeks.
  • As well smoking causes green phlegm coughing blood stained corroded brown otherwise yellow unclean smelling.

Tips for eliminating phlegm naturally

  • By inhaling steam as of boiling water tap or the hot shower in loosening the mucus within the throat also sinus congestion.
  • By drinking no less than eight water glasses daily for loosening the phlegm as well as thin mucus; this is as well good for the overall health.

Eye Health And Extended Wear Contact Lenses

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An ever growing number of people who wear contact lenses are turning to using extended wear contact lenses. There are many benefits to be realized through the use of extended wear contact lenses. Perhaps the greatest benefit to be realized from the use extended wear contact lenses is found in the fact that they are very, very convenient. In reality, if a person so desired, he or she could “plop” a pair of extended wear contact lenses into his or her eyes and basically forget about them for thirty days.

In reality, a person who elects to use extended wear contact lenses needs to be a bit more at attentive to his or her eyes. In point of fact, merely “plopping” lenses into one’s eyes and then forgetting about them for several weeks really is not the best of all possible practices.

Many eye doctors actually recommend removing even extended wear lenses from a person’s eyes on a daily basis for cleaning. Even with extended wear lenses, dirt and debris accumulate on the lenses in a very short period of time. Despite the fact that extended wear lenses are designed to remain in place for longer periods of time, this does not mean that dirt and debris accumulation will not occur at least on some level.

A good number of extended wear contact lens users actually report greater eye comfort when they do remove their lenses for cleaning on a daily basis. (Some consumers report that that are able to use a specific pair of extended wear contact lenses for an … extended … period of time through a routine that include daily cleaning of the lenses.

Some eye doctors are a bit more drastic in their recommendations regarding extended wear lenses. These docs contend that even extended wear lenses should not be work when a person intends to sleep for more than several hours. In other words, these eye doctors literally are suggesting and recommending that extended wear lenses should removed each and every night — which, of course, rather defeats the purpose of using extended wear lenses in the first instance.

In the final analysis, when it comes to more traditional or extended wear lenses, it is important to consult with a qualified eye doctor to determine what type of lens will best suit your particular needs. No matter what type of contact lens you elect to utilize, you will need to make sure that you have regular eye examinations and that you maintain your lenses properly through cleaning on a regular basis.


Tips for Contact Lens Wearers at Every Age in Pictures –WebMD

How to Use Contacts: Put Lenses On, Take Lenses Off –Acuvue

The Proper way to Eat Oysters

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There is something sexy about eating oysters. This edible mollusc has been consumed by kings, queens, emperors and gods for hundreds of years.
However, in our modern day, maybe it is just the satisfaction of seeing fellow diners squirm while you gulp them down, or the feeling of playing Russian roulette with the rare chance that you may eat a “bad” oyster.

The traditional way to eat oysters is when they are served on a bed of crushed ice, garnished with a side order of shallot vinegar, ground pepper, lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce.

Using a fork, loosen the flesh of the oyster from the shell then throw it back.
Any following oysters can be loosed using the shell from your first oyster. This is nice way to achieve the natural, finger food feel which our ancestors probably used in times gone by.

If you are an oyster virgin and are not too enthusiastic about swallowing a fleshy, raw shellfish which has dredged the bottom of sea, then here are a few options which you might find easier to swallow. An oyster shot. A raw oyster in a shot glass, topped up with a shot of Bloody Mary – vodka, tomato juice, pepper, salt, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice.

If you are still not convinced about eating your oysters raw, then why not try them grilled. A nice combination is oysters with spinach and Hollandaise sauce. Again, served with lots of ground pepper and a wedge of lemon.
A very popular dish is “angels on horseback”. The oysters are wrapped in strips of bacon and grilled. They can be served as a canape with a cocktail stick or on toast. Another creative combination is serving them on a bed of steamed samphire grass – a delicate, aromatic seaweed.

A word of warning. Do not consume gin or red wine when eating oysters. There are natural toxins and bacteria in an oyster, and when mixed with the chemicals in gin or red wine, have the potential to make you very ill. A good seafood restaurant will probably show a disclaimer on their menu to highlight this, or their staff will be trained to inform customers when they order.
You should not consume oysters if you are pregnant, suffer from liver disease or have a low immune system. Again this is due to the high levels of bacteria present within the oyster.

Never, ever, eat an oyster which is not fully opened. Always go to a well-reputed seafood restaurant if you want the reassurance that your oysters are fresh from a quality supplier. The chef will also have carried out stringent procedures with regard to their storage, preparation and cooking standards.

Do not let what I have said deter you from eating oysters. They are renowned for being exceptionally nutritious and a very powerful aphrodisiac.
Eat an oyster and experience the pleasure of feeling you are eating straight from the sea. So next time you are dining out – give it a try. The world is your oyster.

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