Is Vitiligo a Curable Disease?

Posted by Lon | Living life | Wednesday 15 March 2017 3:23 pm

white patchesThe question comes in mind if Vitiligo is curable? Currently the answer to this question is ‘No’. Vitiligo comes up from various factors (hereditary and ecological) interacting in unidentified manners. A deep research is still required to completely understand the aspects involved. A thorough study is needed to generate the ways to cure this disease.

How to Cover Vitiligo

Vitiligo or leukoderma is a skin disease that causes loss of pigment resulting in irregular pale patches of skin. It occurs when melanocytes  skin cells , that are responsible for skin pigmentation die or do not performed their actual  function. How to Cover Vitiligo is a big question for its patients. Vitiligo is  caused by  a  combination of auto-Immune, genetic and environmental factors.

Kalawalla Vitiligo Dietary Supplement

Kalawalla is an herbal supplement derived from Polypodium leucotomos plant (a traditional herb which has been used because of its medicinal and healing properties). It is also known as Heliocare, Rapuani and Polypodiaceae.

Most of the people use Kalawalla for the alleviation of autoimmune disorders. Organic Hope is so sure about the efficacy of Kalawalla that they offer money back guarantee. Some people also claim that when combined with uvb therapy it gives enhanced results.

Organic Hope claims that Kalawalla directly works on the improvement of the immune system so along with vitiligo it helps in treating other autoimmune diseases as well.

It comes in a white plastic bottle like any other medicine. This bottle is handy and can be carried along in a hand bag. Its capsule form makes it easy to use.

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