The most popular fast food choices

Everyone goes to fast food restaurants with the excuse that they’re convenient and fast. Actually, you usually hit the drive thru window because you have had a sudden craving for something salty or sweet.

French fries are probably the favorite fast food treat. Hot, salty, and a little greasy, they satisfy all of your cravings for something fast to eat and something that tastes good. Potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the country, and a lot of them go into those wonderful French fries. While there really isn’t much difference in taste between most fries, everyone swears that they know where the very best ones come from. Straight, crinkled, shoestring, waffled, or curly, fries are all good, whether you eat them by themselves, or with ketchup or mayo.

Whether it’s good to eat red meat or not, if you aren’t a vegetarian, you probably indulge yourself with a burger now and then. You might even add a slice of cheese, and you probably add some extras like pickles, mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce or tomato.

Hot dogs have been held in question for as long as there have been hot dogs. Everyone wants to know exactly what they are made of, and there are no end of rumors about their ingredients. Still, a hot dog is hard to resist. Depending on what part of the country you come from, or what city, they are eaten broiled, deep-fried, or grilled, with everything from coleslaw to sauerkraut.

Onion rings are one of those little treats that you might not fix at home, but you can’t resist at the drive thru, especially if you can smell them cooking.

Occasionally, everyone craves a milkshake. There is something about that cold treat that just hits the spot. Some fast food restaurants have even branched out beyond the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors and added seasonal taste treats.

Chicken tenders, strips, or nuggets are fast finger food that can be dipped in any number of sauces, or just eaten plain. They are handy, since you can eat them on the run, and it makes you feel less guilty than eating red meat.

A lot of fast food places are beginning to specialize in flavored coffees and iced coffee treats. Cold, smooth, flavored and creamy, these are wonderful on a hot day, and addictive, if you ignore the calories, sodium and cholesterol levels.

Believe it or not, a lot of fast food restaurants today actually have wonderful salads. While these might not necessarily something that you crave, they are getting more and more creative and tempting.

Whether you admit it or not, a lot of fast foods are tasty, and that is the very reason that you just can’t resist stopping at the drive thru.

The seven golden rules for better gilling

Grilling is just one of those skills that, while simple in concept, is easy to miss the little things, and in grilling the little things are what separate an average meal from a great one. Here are the seven biggest changes you can make to improve your grilling and become the master of the backyard barbecue.

Never freeze your meat before cooking it. Freezing your food causes ice crystals to form in the food, which can cut and tear the meat on a microscopic level as they expand during the freezing process. Those micro tears allow the juices of the meat to leak out faster in the cooking process resulting in a dry meat instead of a juicy one.

Quality over quantity.

Use the best quality ingredients you can afford, it’s a lot easier to create something great when you have good materials. (This applies to everything really, try building a home with just composite board and linoleum tiles and your results won’t be as great as if you had access to quality parts). In meat you want to look for good marbling, meaning how the fat is distributed through the meat. You want thin lines of fat distributed throughout the meat. When it comes to meat, fat is flavor. This is what separates a steakhouse dinner from those cheap flank steaks with a texture similar to shoe leather when you overcook them.

Charcoal always wins.

There may be more work than a gas grill but it’s worth it. Charcoal adds a bit of a smoky flavor to the meat that can’t be matched by gas.

Speaking of smoky, adding smoke is a great way to add flavor to your food. There are two main ways to do this and it depends on what you’re making. In the case of either a ground meat (hamburgers for example) or something you are going to marinate overnight use a tablespoon of liquid smoke per pound of meat. You can usually find this in the condiment/marinade aisle of your grocery store.

It’s pretty much exactly what the name implies, a rich smoky flavor in a bottle. For all other meats, pick up some wood chips from the barbecue section. These wood chips are designed to be used in smokers for smoking meats over a long period of time. Soak the wood chips (about 2 cups of them) in water overnight, next make a flat bottomed bowl out of tinfoil and place the wood chips in the foil. Place the tinfoil on the grill with the food and make sure you cook with the lid closed. The wood chips will add a nice light smoky flavor to your food.

Less is not more, well when it comes to seasoning anyways. Using just a little more seasoning can help kick up any dish. Usually you want to use a ½ tsp. of seasonings per side of steaks and chops and a full 2 Tbsps. of seasoning or rub per side for tri-tip and ribs.

Pull the meat off early. You want to remove your food from the grill when it’s about 10 degrees below your target temperature. (You do know what temperature your food should be at right?) Carry over heat from the cooking will allow the food to increase its internal temperature another 10 degrees on average. For example if you want a medium well done steak pull it off the grill when it’s medium, if you wait till it’s medium well on the grill it will be well done and overcooked when you finally serve it.

Just let it rest a bit. You should let your food rest 10 to 15 minutes when you pull it from the grill in order to let the juices settle and the carry over heat to finish the cooking process. Remember that steak house steak we were talking about? It was done cooking about 10 minutes before the waiter brought it to you in a good steakhouse.

So there you have it, the seven golden rules of grilling. Stick to these rules and your food should turn out just fine. Remember grilling is an art not a science, it takes practice to get right and is at its best when you experiment a little and make it your own.

Hummus Recipe is Easy and Enjoyable

In my past, I was been an addict of eating chips. And one day my father tells me those there 10 worst foods that most people eat and that one is chips. In fact, I realize that it was the right time to start the eating clean habit. Nowadays, Rice Crackers can be purchase and it really tastes good. In these few days, I encounter the very cheap brand of rice crackers that contains 3 % sodium in every 8 cracker flakes, 2% saturates, 2% fat and 0% Trans fat. This sounds good. The sesame seeds that the cracker has is calcium enrich.

Imagine that the fruits and colorful vegetables are known to be a good source of healthy factors. Who cannot love the cob corn, asparagus, strawberries, red peppers, cantaloupe, grapes carrots, juicy apples and sweet oranges. But before I put them in the fridge I wash them with clean tap running water. After I do this, I eat the one I put in the fridge.

The ground flax and nutritional yeast are best on crisp breads. Ground flax with peanut toppings is tasty when it is toasted. I consider Humus is one and only my all time favorite when it comes to dip and spread. These easy and simple hummus recipes try to checking it. Prefer to use the organic ingredients for it is healthy for you and for the environment.

You will need the following for this delicious and nutritious recipe of hummus. First thing to consider is getting the 2 tbsp. Of tahini and sesame seeds. Followed by, the ½ of olive oil, and salt, if you want to put garlic in a large amount depending upon you, the 15 0z. Of chick peas and the 2 tbsp. Of lemon juice and ½ tsp. Of dried or roasted chili peppers. If you want to save try the sesame seeds for it is cheaper.

To prepare these Ingredients, get the best blender you have for the chick peas to be minced. Start putting the sesame seeds and the tahini along with 1 tbsp. Of clean tap water then put the dried or roasted pepper with the salt and garlic. Now, as the process is still on going easily but surely mix the olive oil, lemon juice and chick peas on it. Lastly, if you want a creamy texture on this hummus you can add some water. You’re done. Now, get the recipe and serve. This clean eating habit can be attaining by trying these hummus recipes.

Rice in Different Parts of the World

Apart from the economical and food reasons, rice production has become an important part of many cultures. Rice is not just used for eating purpose, but also it is used for artwork industrial starch and many other purposes. In china, rice has become an important part of their culture. Since more than 3000 to 4000 years of rice cultivation, they have gained enough importance to their aristocratic life. There are many traditions in china regarding to the consumption of rice. Starting from how to cook rice till the artwork, they have consumed rice in a good manner. In almost every festival in china, the frequent use of rice is an important part of their work. Even though, they have used rice in many places to show their artwork and various different traditions regarding to the early production and consumption of rice. Indeed, rice has become an important part of culture.

Landing a Job in Insurance Company

If you are one of the people that are really putting an effort to land jobs in insurance companies then there are some things you can follow to set things straight. Before applying for a job in an insurance company you should visit some insurance courses beforehand as they are there to prepare you for what’s to come. There are plenty of institutions out there, that offer these insurance courses. And you can be pretty confident that after finishing such a course, your chances of landing a job in insurance company will double or even triple, and you will even be able to actually choose which position in the insurance company you want to take, instead of relying desperately on an opportunity that the insurance company throws your way. So to sum it up, it’s definitely worth your while to finish an insurance preparation course in order to successfully get by in the insurance world.

Specific Ideas for Elegant Wedding Photography

There are several styles of photography needed for wedding photography. In our previous blog, we have discussed the general style of elegant wedding photography in some detail. In this post by the wedding photographer, we will explore a very specific example of an elegant wedding photo.

This one, unlike most of our examples, does not have the couple (or even people for that matter) as the subject. We are talking of a picture of the wedding reception hall. If there is a balcony or an elevation which can cover the hall from a suitable height, you can think of taking this picture.

Now, the objective is to capture the enormity of the hall and the arrangement of tables. The more tables you can capture, the better. If you can make a specific pattern jump out of the picture, it is even better! With this little example, we leave the couple to their devices. Happy planning and remember to look at your wedding photographer’s portfolio!

The Love of my Crock Pot

There are three special kitchen aids I cannot do without. They are my small, medium and large crock pots. I like my stove, I’m quite fond of my microwave, but I absolutely and unequivocally love my crock pots.

The crock pot, or slow cooker, is the most efficient and versatile cooking tool for todays busy lifestyle. All the ingredients can be combined in the pot in the morning, set on low and simmered as you go about your daily business, and the family sits down to a delicious dinner in the evening. No muss, no fuss.

Here are some advantages of crock pot cooking:

* Using a crock pot is cost effective, because cheaper cuts of meat actually do better. The slow cooking produces juicy, tender and flavorful entrees.

* The newer models have removable inserts, so you can prepare the ingredients in the evening, refrigerate, place in the unit and turn on before walking out the door in the morning.

* They are portable and make it easy to transport a hot meal to social events and pot lucks.

* The newer versions are pretty enough to set right on the table as a serving dish.

* You can cook almost anything, from meatloaf and spaghetti sauce to casseroles, and even a whole turkey.

* There is no mess. When you sit down to eat, you are not staring at a sink filled with pots and pans as happens with conventional stove top cooking.

* They come in a variety of sizes, from two quart to eight quart. A four or six quart is usually right for the average family.

Crock pots are perfect for summer cooking because they do not heat up the kitchen. In the winter, there is nothing to compare with the cozy aroma which permeates the house while a homemade soup simmers away in the pot.

I have a collection of cookbooks, but the most tattered and worn from constant use is “Fix it and Forget It, Feasting With Your Slow Cooker” by Dawn J. Ranck and Phyllis Pellman Good. It is my kitchen bible.

If your young adult is moving out into an apartment, the crock pot with a “Fix it and Forget It” cookbook inside is the perfect “apartment warming” gift. Make a crock pot your signature gift for every new bride and groom, and it is also the ideal anniversary gift. The new, updated varieties will be appreciated by everyone, and you can never have too many crock pots.

When I have a large holiday gathering, I generally have several crock pots with hot choices among the buffet offerings. Most of the newer styles come with a “warm” setting. Welcome indeed is the guest who does not walk in the door saying, “Can I put this in your oven to keep it warm?”

What a pleasure when something unexpected comes up, like a late mandatory meeting at work, and you can simply call home and say, “I’m going to be late, but dinner is in the crock pot, help yourself.” Crock pots contribute to guilt free living. Gone are the days when the crock pot sat on the back shelf of the pantry gathering dust.

As I said before, I like my stove, I’m fond of my microwave, but I have a longstanding and fulfilling love affair with my crock pot!

The Drug Industries Answer To Itchy Skin

Some Of the most incredible medications are available – thanks to the innovation and research work of modern-day drug companies. However, when it comes to the issue of eczema, it appears that drug companies have taken a backseat to further developments. Whilst the itchy skin rash is a worldwide problem affecting millions of people, for some reason – drug companies have almost given up on the research and development of new, more innovative products.

There are a number of reasons why this may have happened. Firstly, the current medications on the market are seen to be particularly effective against severe episodes of eczema. Secondly, the margin of return to pharmaceutical companies on such products is lackluster compared to that of other areas of medication.

Combined, this all results in a particularly unattractive market to continue serving.

What We Currently Have

For now then, it seems that the only options for chemically produced products are those which have been available for a number of years already. These treatments of itchy skin but no rash or with rash are usually referred to as hydrocortisone steroids. Basically, this is a topical cream which is applied to the area of skin where the itchiness is occurring. After five or 10 minutes, the area which was irritated should now be feeling like normal.

The way in which hydrocortisone steroids work is far beyond the scope of this article. However, what we will say is that the action of such a drug can result in a number of serious, long-term side effects. Just as steroids have a lasting effect on the human body when they are consumed, the same effect can be replicated when a cream containing steroids is applied to the skin. This is because the absorption rate of steroids is particularly rapid.

As for the whether or not these products are successful, the jury still seems to be out. Some users report that the hydrocortisone creams are amazing, whilst others report that they do very little to improve their overall condition. If you have used a hydrocortisone cream in the past to help you with itchy skin, you will know whether or not it worked. Sadly, it would appear that this is all we can write about these products. Other than a few published facts, any other information that could be helpful in determining whether or not they are useful in the long run, is being kept a secret by the drug giants.

Tonsil Stones Treatment- What To Look For

You certainly are trying to find the most effective tonsil stones treatment, if you’re certain that you’ve got tonsil stones.

Surprisingly, few people know they have tonsil stones till they’ve grown rather big.

At that point, the symptoms are really so intense that the majority of people begin hunting for the origins of the problem in their mouth and throat.

Often, the stones are observable to the naked eye. But, the flaps of the tonsils should be transferred to see most people.

Many stay concealed, as they’re entombed in the crevasses of the tonsils.

As soon as I fell upon my stones, I rationally believed that the most effective tonsil stones treatment is always to “push” many out with a cotton swab.


All the child got from that attempt was the experience of nearly choking to death!

Fortunately, the child eventually found a treatment that was natural tonsil stones and mild. It ended up to become a God send!

A few my friends said that I will consult with my doctor finding my tonsils removed. Every one of my friends had their tonsils removed, and the stones had never been developed by them.

My doctor in the time was unwilling to remove the of them, although a child had infected tonsils when I was me. My doctor at the time described to the child that the surgery was not painless, as well as the tonsils had a goal.

He went on to tell the child that the tonsils help prevent invading bacteria and airborne viruses from attacking the entire body’s defenses.

So, my doctor at the time proposed that the child keep the of them.

The child really visited the exact same physician for an aching throat which was finally linked to my tonsil stones. The same doctor prescribed some antibiotics, and said the sore throat was another infection.

Sadly, the same doctor did not find the tonsilloliths. The antibiotics eliminated the infection, but did nothing to get rid of the tonsil stones.

NOT, a tonsil stones treatment that is very powerful!

Eventually one day, while browsing around online, the child found a doctor from India who’d developed a mild, natural tonsil stones treatment. It absolutely was 100% successful.

When Should The Bride-To-Be Book Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

When it’s the big day for the bride, she wants her skin to feel silky smooth, and look gorgeous.  One thing she has to consider is getting that unwanted ingrown hair removed.  So when should the bride-to-be book laser hair removal sessions?  There are several things that brides should know – even starting a few months before the wedding date to have the best success.

Most Successful Candidates

The first thing that brides need to know is which skin and hair type that works best when laser hair removal is the best choice.  For those brides with light skin and darker hair are the best candidates for this method of hair removal.  And one aspect that many brides won’t like a lot is that when the skin is tanned, lasers can cause discoloration, and darker skinned brides need to make sure when they make the appointment that the correct laser machine is used.  The laser light basically targets the darker pigment in the hair and destroys the melanin in the hair to remove the hair, which is why it can also cause discoloration in the skin.  The hair will fall out within 10 days to two weeks.

Starting the Treatments

Brides should realize that it takes up to six sessions to remove up to 80 percent of the hair growth, which must be spaced around four weeks apart.  This means brides should start these laser hair removal treatments up to six months prior to their wedding.   Once these are done, the rate of ingrown hair growth is generally significantly less and most laser technicians recommend maintenance treatments continue once every year.  These treatments are generally expensive, and generally start at $200 a session for a smaller area.

Preparations and Pain Factor

Many brides are very concerned about the pain of getting the laser treatment done and wondering how much it will hurt.  Most people state that the pulse of the light feels like a rubber band hitting the skin, and some areas of the body are slightly more sensitive to the stinging than others.  Most recommend that if aspirin or ibuprofen are taken an hour before the treatment begins to minimize the pain.

In general, most technicians recommend shaving the area three to four days prior to the treatment because there has to be some growth in order for the treatment to work effectively.  Never shave the area on the day of the treatment.

Here is an article for more remedies:


Since the hair follicle is killed during the laser treatment there is no concern for in-grown hair.  The hair will generally fall out about 10 days after the treatment.  Therefore, brides need to look at their calendars and also make notes of how soon the hair falls out from the treatments that were done over the previous six months and make sure the last treatment prior to the wedding is ten to 14 days before the big day.

Success with Smooth Skin

As the brides are planning everything for months before the wedding, they often ask “When should the bride-to-be book laser hair removal sessions?”  The answer is they should start about six months prior and make sure the last treatment is about 10 days before the wedding.

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