Specific Ideas for Elegant Wedding Photography

Posted by Lon | Living life | Saturday 16 April 2016 3:54 am

There are several styles of photography needed for wedding photography. In our previous blog, we have discussed the general style of elegant wedding photography in some detail. In this post by the wedding photographer, we will explore a very specific example of an elegant wedding photo.

This one, unlike most of our examples, does not have the couple (or even people for that matter) as the subject. We are talking of a picture of the wedding reception hall. If there is a balcony or an elevation which can cover the hall from a suitable height, you can think of taking this picture.

Now, the objective is to capture the enormity of the hall and the arrangement of tables. The more tables you can capture, the better. If you can make a specific pattern jump out of the picture, it is even better! With this little example, we leave the couple to their devices. Happy planning and remember to look at your wedding photographer’s portfolio!

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