The benefits of digital slow cookers

Posted by Clyde | Cooking | Thursday 10 March 2016 3:01 am

Slow cookers are not a new addition to kitchen products. What is relatively new is the digital slow cooker. With manual slow cookers, you turn the knob to warm, low or high and let it go. That is nice and simple and works pretty well. 

On the other hand, digital slow cookers offer more options and convenience. When shopping for a slow cooker, it pays to weigh the options offered in digital models. Some digital models offer more features than others.

Time settings

One big difference and benefit in using a digital slow cooker is that you can set the cooking duration. With a manual cooker, once it’s on, it’s on until you shut it off. So if your roast is only supposed to cook for four hours but you get distracted, too bad. Digital cookers shut off after the designated time.

With time and temperature settings, digital slow cookers really are nearly the perfect cooking appliance. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the tasty cooked meal. Well, then there is the clean up. 

Fix it and forget it

With a digital slow cooker, you truly can fix it and forget it. Simply add all of the ingredients to the cooker, set the timer and temperature and walk away. When the cooker has been on for the allotted time, it goes into “warm” mode or shuts itself off.

Warm mode is nice because it keeps the food nice and hot until you are ready to eat. After an hour or two of being on warm mode, it will then shut itself off. The auto shut of is a really nice feature that manual cookers just do not have. 

Plan ahead

Some digital models offer settings for cooking at a later time. For example you can put all of the ingredients for a desired meal in the cooker and then set the time for it to come on and start cooking. This is nice for people that go to work early in the mornings or late at night. 

The other nice thing about this feature is you can preset the cooker and then add the ingredients right before it is set to come on. This way the kids can help with dinner without any safety issues of the stove or oven. Hint: cutting meats and veggies before hand makes this even easier. 


This is the one thing that factors in when most people shop for a slow cooker. It is good to note that digital does not always mean super expensive. It is true that some fancier brands are more pricey. However, there are plenty of affordable digital slow cookers in your local stores. 

The key to finding the right digital cooker for you is knowing what you need it to do. Check out the features of several different models before making a final purchase. There is no good reason to pay more for features you may never use.

Slow cookers brought more convenience to all day cooking. Before the slow cooker, people had to stick close to the kitchen when slow cooking soups and chili and some meat dishes. The manual cooker did a great job of taking some of the hassle out of the process by not having to check on it as often. 

Now with the advent of the digital slow cooker, these tasks are even easier and safer. A manual cooker stays on until you shut it off, a digital cooker will shut off at the designated time. Another nice feature is that after the allotted cooking time has passed, the cooker switches to “warm” mode and then shuts itself off after an hour or two. 

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