The Drug Industries Answer To Itchy Skin

Posted by Lon | Living life | Wednesday 15 February 2017 12:18 pm

Some Of the most incredible medications are available – thanks to the innovation and research work of modern-day drug companies. However, when it comes to the issue of eczema, it appears that drug companies have taken a backseat to further developments. Whilst the itchy skin rash is a worldwide problem affecting millions of people, for some reason – drug companies have almost given up on the research and development of new, more innovative products.

There are a number of reasons why this may have happened. Firstly, the current medications on the market are seen to be particularly effective against severe episodes of eczema. Secondly, the margin of return to pharmaceutical companies on such products is lackluster compared to that of other areas of medication.

Combined, this all results in a particularly unattractive market to continue serving.

What We Currently Have

For now then, it seems that the only options for chemically produced products are those which have been available for a number of years already. These treatments of itchy skin but no rash or with rash are usually referred to as hydrocortisone steroids. Basically, this is a topical cream which is applied to the area of skin where the itchiness is occurring. After five or 10 minutes, the area which was irritated should now be feeling like normal.

The way in which hydrocortisone steroids work is far beyond the scope of this article. However, what we will say is that the action of such a drug can result in a number of serious, long-term side effects. Just as steroids have a lasting effect on the human body when they are consumed, the same effect can be replicated when a cream containing steroids is applied to the skin. This is because the absorption rate of steroids is particularly rapid.

As for the whether or not these products are successful, the jury still seems to be out. Some users report that the hydrocortisone creams are amazing, whilst others report that they do very little to improve their overall condition. If you have used a hydrocortisone cream in the past to help you with itchy skin, you will know whether or not it worked. Sadly, it would appear that this is all we can write about these products. Other than a few published facts, any other information that could be helpful in determining whether or not they are useful in the long run, is being kept a secret by the drug giants.

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