The truth behind those delicious homemade treats

Posted by Berry | Cuisine and Food | Saturday 30 April 2016 3:01 am

When thinking about homemade cookies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The taste? How about the texture? Maybe the temperature (who doesn’t love warm cookies)? All of these things are very important in homemade cookies and treats. 

Now think about what might go into creating those delectable treats. Most people will begin forming an ingredient list in their minds when asked about this. It is true enough that the right elements must go into making the cookies and treats. The freshest ingredients, the appropriate tools and of course, a functioning oven are vital to treat success. However, these are not the most important elements in making cookies and treats.

What is about to be revealed is very important, therefore brace yourself for the impact of what you are about to learn. This is a carefully guarded secret, you are privileged to be told what follows. The real secret to awesome cooking and baking is the person doing it. 


The mood a person is in can have a huge impact on anything they do. Think about it, when you’re in a bad mood, doesn’t the whole day seem to just go wrong? It can start with something small and snowball from there. 

This can carry over into making treats. If you are in a bad mood when beginning the treat making process, things can go south in a hurry. You can forget a key ingredient, get distracted and cookies can burn in the oven and other awful treat disasters. 

On the other hand, being in a good mood will also carry over to the treat making process. You will be more attentive to gathering the proper ingredients and tools. Extra care will be taken so that treats don’t burn while baking.  You might even whistle or sing while creating those treats! 


People have heard that attitude is everything. It is true in life and in treat making. If you have a general bad attitude towards cooking/baking, then whatever you make will not taste as good as it could. This is not science, it is common sense. People seldom excel at things they do not enjoy. 

If the mere thought of spending a day in the kitchen cooking/baking provokes deep sighs and eye rolling, then the treats may suffer for it. If you enjoy cooking/baking or at least enter the kitchen with a smile, then the process will flow more smoothly. Think of it like adding the special ingredient of your sunny disposition.

“Grandma’s cookies always taste so good because she bakes with them with love”. Ever heard this, or something similar? Odds are you just chuckled and didn’t think about it any further. It just happens to be true, at least in the minds of some people. 

The secret to delicious homemade treats is the person doing the cooking and baking. It may sound far fetched because anyone can make good tasting treats. Anyone can create or follow a recipe with success. However, the treats that are “To die for” are made by people that truly have passion. The passion could in the form of love for the people who will enjoy the treats. It could be a passion for the treat itself. 

Attitude and mood play the biggest roles in making fabulous treats. If you are in a good mood and have a positive attitude toward the cooking/baking process, you will put more effort into it. You will make sure the ingredients are fresh, the tools are appropriate and will closely monitor cook/bake times. 

Now that you have been told the secret, go forth and use it wisely. This powerful knowledge can lead to smiles and accolades from recipients of your treats. This will never be spoken of again. 

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