Tips for Buying an Electric Pan

Posted by Marita | Cooking | Thursday 5 May 2016 7:01 am

An electric pan is convenient, even if you have a stove. It provides an extra cooking surface for large parties, allows people to cook outdoors at their homes or at cooking sites and can be a convenient way to cook for people who do not have access to a stove.

There are many different electric pans available, and you should consider the following options before deciding on the right electric pan for you.

Right size

First you want to make sure to find the right size cooking surface for you. Just like regular pans, electric pans come in many different sizes. Think about what you might be cooking on it, and how much space you’ll need. You also need to think about where you will store it and make sure that the size can accommodate that.

Cooking surface

You should also consider the cooking surface of the different electric pans. Two major types are nonstick and ones without a nonstick surface. Some prefer the nonstick surface since they can be much easier to clean and may not require as much oil. Other people prefer to not have that coating. There are some concerns with the safety of the coating, so do research if that is a concern for you. Also, pans with the nonstick coating surface may be more expensive.

Safety features

You also want to get an electric pan that will protect you from accidentally burning yourself. Some of the pans come with insulated handles so that you can touch the sides without burning your hands. Others do not offer this feature. You may pay extra for this, but if it will save you from being burned it may be worthwhile. You can also commit to using a hot glove and not have to worry about it.

Quality and ratings

Of course you want to find an electric pan that works well. The pans range in how evenly they cook, how durable they are and how long they last. One good way to get an idea of quality is to read the different ratings and reviews by others who have already purchased the electric pan. If you go to a website like Amazon where they sell such pans, then you can look up the ratings and reviews of the individual products. Look for one that is highly rated.


You also need to get something that is within your budget. Generally electric pans are not very expensive and you can often find one for less than $50. Still they can range based on features, brand and other characteristics. Look at prices versus features to determine which is the best for you.


There are many other features that you might look for in an electric pan. For instance, some of them are dishwasher safe if you take away the heating element. You might be able to find one that has an automatic shut off or power light indicator. Read the specifications to find out about the different features.

There are many different electric pans. Compare and contrast until you find the perfect electric pan for you.

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